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We address a specific part of the market that consists of customers who use aluminum profiles in their activity.



We constantly participate in the development of technology for the creation of new products according to your requirements.

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High-performance products and services reaching the top requirements of the industry.

Profile aluminiu balustrada

Profile aluminiu balustrada sunt fabricate prin procedee tehnologice moderne : turnare continua cu racire zonala , extruziune la cald de precizie ridicata cu prese hidraulice automate prin computer etc.

Profile aluminiu balustrade eloxate fara sistem de sticla sau profile aluminiu balustrade, folosite in sistemul cu sticla

Multi considera aceasta piata saturata insa ceea ce exista mai putin este CONSILIEREA si ATENTIA asupra clientilor. Noi credem ca reusim foarte bine sa stapanim aceste doua elemente.

Elemente si accesorii pentru balustrade rotunde sau patrate din aluminiu la un click distanta. Acum este mai rapid si mai simplu.

Aluminium Technologi – producator de profile aluminiu balustrada este permanent in proces de cercetare si dezvoltare, oferind in permanenta catre dumneavoastra  atat produse noi cat si produse de linie, upgradate continuu

The profiles are manufactured by modern technological processes: continuous casting with zonal cooling, high precision hot extrusion with automatic hydraulic presses by computer, etc.

Any other material can be replaced with aluminum!

The quality assurance system and the highly qualified specialized personnel are the guarantee of obtaining good quality products.

Each client is technically and economically advised and can produce through ALUMINUM TECHNOLOGY its own profile.


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 In May 2006, the sales department and the technical department began developing the idea of ​​"custom made" products. This activity has reached almost 40% of the total production of extruded aluminum profiles in our factory.
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