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Quality And Professionalism

The quality assurance system and the highly qualified specialized personnel are the guarantee of obtaining some very good quality products. All products are made of high purity alloys type AIMgSi, brands EN AW-6060 (6063), according to SR EN 573-3, for which the chemical composition is guaranteed. After extrusion, the profiles are heat treated to standardize, establish and increase the mechanical characteristics, as well as reduce internal stresses. The delivery conditions comply with SFf 1-2001, SR EN 755-1 and SR 120201: 2001. The profiles manufactured by us have all the technical characteristics, according to the international standards for this type of products.

profile aluminium balustrada
profile aluminium balustrada

Custom made products

In May 2006, the sales department and the technical department began developing the idea of ​​"custom made" products. This activity has reached almost 40% of the total production of extruded aluminum profiles in our factory. What do "custom made" products mean? They are the products made exclusively at the client's request and molded exactly to his need. We address a specific part of the market that consists of customers who use aluminum profiles in their activity other than those for carpentry. Thus, we started the production of profiles executed exclusively at the request of our clients, based on their designs and projects.

Each client is technically and economically advised and can produce through ALUMINUM TECHNOLOGY its own profile, with a unique registration code and full exclusivity. Basically, I came to meet those who have patented profiles but could only produce them abroad or I developed solutions for customers who would have liked to use aluminum instead of other materials but did not know how. Since May this year, we have added to our catalog of special profiles over 60 new models, each profile being specially designed and made for a specific client. This is how we came to be the suppliers of special profiles for the industrial market, the production of wagons and means of public transport, for the manufacturers of air conditioners and pipes, furniture, shutters and blinds, stairs, interior design, advertising production, doors, car bodies , builders, etc. Our clients already include R.A.T.B., ASTRA TRAVEL WAGONS, CFR GRIVITA, TOTAL GAS, ACP AIR CONDITIONING, MACO, ROLLDESIGN, BETA INTERLINES, SWISS GLASS, PLEXIROM, ROMTURINGIA, TEHNOSTIL, WOODART.

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